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Title: LOVE
Year: 2004
Type: Interactive Video Installation

LOVELOVE is a real time Video Motion / Capture installation, that deals with Jean François Lyotard's concept of "otherness/autruité": you cannot say anything about anybody else until you step into the other person's life, until you experience the world through the other person's eyes.

In times of discrimination for sexual orientation, stigmatization and prejudice regarding marriage and civil rights, a growing number of hate crimes and rising GLBT teenagers suicide, it is important that the Gay and Lesbian community becomes extremely visible, letting others know that - regardless of what the laws say - we all have in common the capacity to love...

LOVE captures the image of the user and layers it with pre-recorded videos. Activated by motion detection, the more the user moves, the more these random clips become visible. If the user ceases to move, the only image presented is the reflection of the user itself.

The user is therefore placed in an unexpected position hat forces him/her to think its ideas regarding the images that are being presented. The user also becomes an unexpected guest/participant/voyeur of a very intimate moment depicting two naked men loving each other, with the camera becoming a sensorial extension of their naked bodies and the browser becoming a window into their private lives.

You will need the latest Flash plugin as well as webcam attached to your computer.

Warning 1: You NEED to have a Webcam / Isight / DV Cam connected to your computer in order to view this work. If you can do video chats, you are fine. If you have no camera attached, the project will not work.

Warning 2: It is going to take a LONG time to download. If you are not using a broadband connection, this might take an hour to download.

The file is 7.3 Mega Bytes because of the video clips.

All you need to do is move in front of the camera in order to interact.


Once the file is downloaded, you will see this window:

Select the type of video camera you are using, Web Cam, DV Camera, IIDC FireWire ( ISight for MAC ) or USB from the pull down menu.

Click on the CLOSE button.

Another window will appear:

This window will authorize the flash movie to access your camera locally. Click on the ALLOW button to continue.

Note: this flash movie runs locally on your machine, It is in no way broadcasting your video or connecting you to a video chat. LOVE, in this case, is an individual experience.

You are ready to explore LOVE

LOVE - 7.3MB - Requires a webcam or attached active video camera

OPEN LOVE in another window.