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Quando men vo
Title: Quando men vo from La Bohème - Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924)
Year: 2013
Duration: 2'50"
Type: Video Mapping on live performer - Modul8 + MadMapper
Soprano: Hein Jung
Piano: Grigorio Zamparas
This is the first collaborative piece between Hein Jung, Grigorio Zamparas and Santiago Echeverry, joining faculty from two different departments at the University of Tampa.

Hein is extremely interested in alternative visual presentations of Opera, and she invited me to create a unique video projection for Mussetta's Aria "Quando men vo" in La Bohème. After working together on the selection of her attire, Hein chose a silver dress that worked perfectly well as a projection screen. Her makeup was very pale also to transform her face into a reflective surface.

Mussetta sings about how beautiful she feels when she walks on the street, and my goal with the images of mating butterflies and flowers was to bring the fabric of her dress to life using MadMapper as a tool to create the living pattern on the fabric, representing the hidden sexual content of the lyrics.

The aria was the closing song of their recital at the Sykes Chapel, in the University of Tampa on Saturday November 9th 2013, and in spite of the total lack of control of the environmental light - because the space was not conceived as a visual space but instead optimized for sound fidelity - we were able to maximize the power of the images on the stage with beautiful results.