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Love lessons
Year: 1995
Duration: 8'54"
Type: Political activism / Experimental

Gay and Lesbian Human Rights History in Colombia.

On September 24th, 1994, the Chair of the Human Rights Commission of Barranquilla, Colombia, expressed his views on homosexuality without knowing that his interviewer was a Gay man himself. His homophobic views do not differ from the ones of any other bigot anywhere in the world, proving that hate and misconception still prevail in the perception of people who do not fit the traditional mold. The interviewer, Juan Pablo Ordóñez, is an award winning defender of LGBTI rights in Colombia, and had to flee the country because of the threats from right wing groups, directly connected to the Colombian national police.

This is the first time the Gay flag appears in a Colombian video art and the first video to embrace equality for the LGBTI community, that was just very recently, at the time of this work, becoming public and politically active, demanding equal rights for all. It is important to see that 20 years later, the issue of equality is still debated in the country, in spite of the support from ex-presidents, the supreme court and the general media.

The original interview was published in "No Human Being is Disposable" by Juan Pablo Ordóñez